Mersin University GreenMetric

Since its establishment in 1992, Mersin University has made significant progress in research, education and social contribution. In the near future, in addition to improving its academic success at the international level, it has made plans and takes concrete steps in this direction to achieve sustainable campus goals.

Mersin University took the first step in 2020 to standardize its activities related to environmental sustainability, and was included in the “UI GreenMetric World University Ranking System”, which evaluates the green campus and sustainability policies and practices of world universities. In addition to the practices it has done in the past, Mersin University aims to act with a focus on environment and sustainability in its future activities and to create a positive impact on the region and society it is in.

For this purpose, Mersin University aims to increase its energy-efficient devices and transform at least one of its buildings into a LEED certified green building, to bring renewable energy resources to the campus and to participate in environmental sustainability with new research and projects. Mersin University has started to take steps to increase the number of sustainability courses in its curriculum by including its educational infrastructure in environmental sustainability practices, and has made it one of its main goals to increase the awareness of the concept of sustainability with student participation practices. Although we have already stepped into green campus practices and made progress, our institution still has a long way to go and much more to do in this direction.

Our goal for the upcoming period will be to raise awareness of our academic and administrative staff and students about environmental sustainability and to make our campuses competitive with other universities in the world by bringing them to green campus stands. Our other important goal will be to reflect these practices to the society and to be a recognized university in the region in sustainable environmental practices by including the local people and the business world in these practices.

Prof.Dr. Ahmet ÇAMSARI