Mersin University GreenMetric

Since its establishment in 1992, Mersin University has continuously advanced in the realms ofresearch, education, and community engagement. Looking ahead to the year 2022 and beyond, the university is steadfast in its commitment to further elevate its academic excellence on the international stage, with a strong focus on sustainable campus objectives.In 2020, Mersin University embarked on a journey to standardize its initiatives related to environmental sustainability, making its debut appearance in the ‘UI GreenMetric World University Ranking System.’ This global evaluation system assesses the eco-friendly practices and sustainability policies of universities around the world. Building upon past achievements, Mersin University is dedicated to shaping its future endeavors with a heightened emphasis on environmental responsibility and sustainability, aspiring to have a positive impact on both its immediate region and society at large.

With this visionin mind, Mersin University is actively working to increase its utilization of energy-efficient technologies and is set to convert at least one of its buildings into a LEED-certified green structure. The university is also taking deliberate steps to incorporate renewable energy resources into its campus infrastructure, all while embarking on fresh research initiatives and projects that foster environmental sustainability.

Mersin University’s commitment to sustainability extends to its academic programs. The institution is expanding its curriculum with a greater number of sustainability-focused courses, fully integrating its educational infrastructure into the fabric of environmental sustainability practices. Central to this mission is the cultivation of awareness among students, with active engagement forming a core aspect of this process. While Mersin University has already made strides in adopting green campus practices, it acknowledges that there is a considerable journey ahead, and more work to be done. The university’s primary aim for the near future is to enhance environmental sustainability awareness among its academic and administrative staff, as well as its students. Mersin University is committed to bringing its campuses in line with global green campus standards, fostering competitiveness with other universities worldwide.

Furthermore, Mersin University aspires to extend the benefits of these sustainable practices to the broader community, actively involving local residents and the business community in these initiatives. By incorporating the perspectives and contributions of local stakeholders, the university endeavors to establish itself as a recognized institution for sustainable environmental practices in the region.

As we embark on this journey, Mersin University remains dedicated to the principles of sustainability, with a clear vision of a greener and more sustainable future.

Prof.Dr. Erol YAŞAR