Toxic Waste

  1. Waste (WS)

[3.5] Toxic Waste Treatment






Examples of Toxic Waste Treatment (Mersin University, Turkey)


Medical wastes released from Mersin University Faculty of Medicine Hospital are collected in medical waste collection boxes and stored in the medical waste temporary storage area behind the medical faculty hospital. Medical wastes stored here in their special bags are routinely collected by Inte Mersin Medical Waste Sterilization Plant and disposed after sterilization. 

As Mersin University, hazardous wastes generated at our university are collected in Chemistry Laboratories, Faculties, Research Centers and Colleges (for example, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Letters, Faculty of Medicine, etc.), and stored in the Hazardous Waste Temporary Storage Area within our university. In these units, toxic wastes such as chemicals, solutions, packings are transported to temporary storage area under appropriate conditions by the staff of the department, and the wastes are given to licensed companies for disposal when they reach appropriate volumes/quantities for shipment. In addition, hazardous wastes such as batteries and print cartridges are collected in their containers and recycled. Thus, the waste management process within the campus is carried out under the Mersin University Waste Management Directive.

a, b: Medical wastes temporary storage container

c, d, e, f: Medical waste container

g: Transfer of medical wastes

h: Inte Medical Waste Management Company

i-s: Hazardous Waste Temporary Storage Area within our university 

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