Recycling Program

  1. Waste (WS)

[3.1] Recycling Program for University Waste


a: Waste battery box; b: Bins for recyclable wastes (plastic, paper, metal), c: Bins for glass

Description: The recyclable wastes of Mersin University are collected by the Çevdosan Waste Management Company thanks to the waste collection boxes placed on the campus. At the same time, the “Zero Waste Project” carried out on a national basis in our country has been adopted by our university, and continues its efforts to recycle any type of recyclable waste. For this purpose, students and staff help the recovery and reproduction process by throwing their recyclable waste (plastic, paper, glass, aluminum) into separate collection boxes thanks to the waste collection boxes placed in many points of the campus and offices. Moreover, TAPDER (Association of Portable Battery Manufacturers and Importers) organization collects the waste batteries.

According to the information we have received from Çevdosan company, an average of 500 kg/day of recyclable wastes are collected from our university’s hospital while, 300 kg/day of recyclable wastes are collected from other units in the Çiftlikköy campus of our university. The mass content of these wastes consists of 40% glass, 35% plastic, 20% paper and 5% metal waste. If calculated on average values, the amount of waste collected from the campus of our university is 45000 tons/month. 15000 tons/month of these wastes consist of recyclable wastes. In other words, when recyclable wastes are expressed as a percentage, they constitute 33% of the total wastes.

Mersin University assists in preservation of natural resources and ensuring economic manufacturing by supplying parsed paper, plastic, metal, and glass to waste recycling facilities.

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