Çiftlikköy Campus

Çiftlikkoy Campus, main campus site, was built in 1992. Çiftlikköy Central Campus, 14 kilometers away from the city center, is built on an area of approximately 4 million square meters. Nearly 20 thousand students receive education on the central campus, where many faculties and colleges as well as administrative units are located. Çiftlikköy Campus is among the privileged campuses with its original architectural design and contemporary arrangements, large and eye-catching buildings, green and forest areas, many social, cultural and sports facilities. It is one of the attractive campus site in Turkey. Many faculties, colleges and institutes of our university such as Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Tourism, State Conservatory, School of Health, School of Jewelry Technology and Design, School of Foreign Languages, School of Social Sciences, School of Technical Sciences, School of Educational Sciences, Institute of Science, Institute of Fine Arts, Institute of Health Sciences and Social Sciences Institute are located on this campus. In addition, our University Health Research and Practice Hospital has been serving at Çiftlikköy Campus since 20 May 2014.