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[5.16] Pedestrian Path Policy on Campus

Examples of pedestrian path (Mersin University, Turkey)


Main Campus of Mersin University (Ciftlikköy Campus) is pedestrian and cyclist friendly. Pedestrians are prioritized in campus design. All faculties, administrative and social buildings can be accessed by walk. The pedestrian path policies implemented on campus are as follows:

1- Pedestrian and vehicle streets are separated. The main corridor is reserved for pedestrian use.

2- Ramps are suitable for people with disabilities. The campus is barrier-free for people with disabilities.

3- Street lights are available for pedestrians to ensure safe walking at night on campus.

Mersin University was awarded as “Barrier-free Campus” in 2011 and 2019 by Higher Education Council and Ministry of Family and Social Policies. Mersin University Çiftlikköy campus “Barrier-free campus” was awarded First Place in Turkey.

The following label is an evidence for barrier-free and accessible campus.

(Quality Assurance Label/Prize in Accessibility)

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