Campus Area

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University : Mersin University

Country : Turkey

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[1] Setting and Infrastructure (SI)

[1.5] Total Campus Area (meter2)

Total Campus Area (Mersin University-Çiftlikköy Campus, Mersin/Turkey) 


Total area: 4181 km² (1614 mi²) = 4181097 m

Total distance/circumference: 11.169 km (6.94 mi) = 11169 m

Total Campus Area (m2)

Immovable Area by Ownership Status (m²)

Name of CampusUniversity(Expropriation +Buy+DonationThe Ministry of Finance(Allocation)Minist. Forest. Water Manag.(Allocation)Finance Lands AllocatedFinance Lands AllocatedOtherTotal (m²)
Çiftlikköy Campus8267001876401311765162931822567404181097
Yenişehir Campus278856659000034544
Tece Campus155474550000020097
City Center 26317958000010589
Anamur Campus020251000459024841
Erdemli Campus068629000068629
Erdemli Campus0000050615061
Gülnar Campus130840000013084
Mut Campus09615800020,001116159
Silifke Campus2600001722017246