Energy Efficiency

[2] Energy and Climate (SI)

[2.1] Energy Efficient Appliances Usage

Examples of energy efficient lighting devices in Mersin University Çiftlikköy Campus

(Use of LED lighting and lamps with light detection and solar energy)

Examples of Energy Efficient Appliances Usage: Solar absorption system (Mersin University, Turkey)

AppliancesTotal NumberTotal Number of Energy Efficient AppliancesPercentage
LED and Sensor Lamps220001012046%
Inverter Air Conditioner A/C140026018.57%
Energy Star-Certified Computers7126115416.19%
Total Percentage26.92 %


Mersin University has attempted to reduce energy consumption and efforts to increase this target will continue in the future. Particular attention is paid to increasing the number of LED lamps in open spaces on campus (walkways and vehicle roads) and in buildings, to use high energy saving devices such as computers and air conditioners used in offices, and to choose all other applications from energy efficient devices. Efforts to increase the number of these practices are ongoing. With these practices, and at the same time, with the letters sent by our rectorate, awareness of students and employees is raised in terms of energy saving.